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About Our Organization

The Simi Valley Bulldogs Organization is in compliance
with CA AB-1 youth football bill

Simi Valley Bulldogs chapter was founded by our legacy board members Mike Hansen and Meghan Nagy in 2017. They set out to build a football program for the youth of Simi Valley where athletes could enjoy the game through positive play and coaching. Throughout the past few years we have built a strong and steady organization. We know when kids have an opportunity to play in youth sports they learn valuable lessons that create long term positive impacts on their future. The Bulldogs mission is to make our program about the kids. We want to cultivate an environment that everyone believes is very special, something people want to be part of as players, cheerleaders, volunteers, sponsors and fans. We are committed to providing an exceptional and rewarding experience for your sons and daughters. We challenge our student athletes to be strong role models by setting and achieving their goals in the classroom and in the community as well as on and off the field. Furthermore, we encourage our parents and community to get involved in our program in order to make this a successful program we can all enjoy and be proud of. Thank you for your support of Simi Valley Bulldogs youth football players and cheerleaders. And a huge thank you to our volunteers, without volunteers we have nothing, we encourage parents and community members to get involved to support our kids.

A Message From Our President


Hello Bulldog Families,

Spring is here and we are fast approaching the 2021 football season.  It is hard to believe that we have gone through an entire year with no football for our kids to play or cheer for.  This past year has been so difficult for so many families in so many ways.  We are excited to be able to bring football back to Simi Valley and get our boys and girls back out on the field.  It is so vitally important to both their mental and physical wellbeing.

The Bulldogs are dedicated to providing a safe and fun learning environment for you sons and daughters to grow physically, mentally and emotionally through the lessons that can be taught through sports such as football and cheer.  I believe there is no other sport that can have as positive an impact on a child’s life as football can have.  Football challenges every athlete physically and mentally and gives each athlete the confidence that they can overcome any obstacle.  Our athletes are taught that a team can only be successful when each member understands and embraces their role.  Our football players and cheerleaders will learn the value of hard work, dedication, loyalty and sacrifice that will make them better athletes on the field and better students, friends, sons, daughters and citizens off the field.

The board members of the Bulldog association focus on creating an inclusive family organization.  Our members organize events to create bonding within teams and within the entire organization.  We are always looking for volunteers to make these events outstanding!  The success of our organization depends on the people that make up the organization.

The leadership of our organization has many new faces and some familiar ones.  All of our board members, coaches and volunteers bring an incredible amount of experience, knowledge and expertise that will make this a great family.  We look forward to meeting our new Bulldog families during activities we have planned over the next few months and we look forward to a great football season this fall!

Tim Bird


Meet Our Members

IMG_5000x (1).jpg
Shawna Wright
Vice President
Carolyn Moreno
Director of Coaches
Cody MacArthur
Christina Caulfield
Director of Cheer
Simi Valley Bulldogs Website Background
Athletic Director
Amber Fannin
Ways & Means
Simi Valley Bulldogs Website Background
Steve Kuzma
Equipment Manager
Rob Morlano.jpg
Rob Morlano
Committee Member
Calley 2.JPG
Calley Bierend
Melanie Jasgur
Simi Valley Bulldogs Website Background
Heidi Bird
Team Parent Coordinator
Simi Valley Bulldogs Website Background
Meghan Nagy
Legacy Board Member
Mike Hansen
Legacy Board Member
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