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Cheer Teams

6-8 Mighty Mite
8-10 Bantam
9-11 Freshman
10-12 Sophomores
11-13 Juniors
12-14 Seniors

Sideline Cheer

The Simi Valley Bulldogs provide sideline cheerleading opportunities for the youth football tackle season in the Fall. We aim to instill confidence in young athletes through hard work, discipline, and a competitive spirit.

While we understand the desire for siblings to cheer for each other, it may not always be possible due to safety concerns arising from age and size differences. Sometimes, it may be better for an athlete not to cheer for their sibling. If you have any specific questions, please communicate them directly to your Cheer Director. Please note that the safety of our cheer squads is of utmost importance, and all formations will be made with safety in mind.

Spring Camp Registration

Spring Camp Registration